Imagine Greenhaven? We Can’t! Greenhaven Opponents Denied the Right to Remove Their Homes From Greenhaven.

The Greenhaven propaganda machine is in full force.  Below you can read what was sent out September 24, 2018 by Imagine Greenhaven. We Imagine it to be a Nightmare. Greenhaven Opponents have been Denied the Right to Remove Their Homes From Greenhaven. Check out Neighbors Against Greenhaven on Facebook!

Vol. 1 Issue 1: Re-imagining IMAGINE Greenhaven!
September 25, 2018


Chairman’s Corner: Dr. Kathryn Rice, Chairperson Imagine Greenhaven!
Welcome to the inaugural issue of IMAGINE GREENHAVEN’s newsletter.  I can’t think of a better way to start off our newsletter than to follow the lead of our name – IMAGINE Greenhaven. Imagine being drawn into a city that you have no faith in their leaders because they never consulted you before starting this campaign and then ignored your pleas to not be included. Why? Because without the areas that do not want to be included Greenhaven is not economically viable. The economic study that used for Greenhaven is will be 5 years old by the next legislative session. What company would follow a blueprint that is five years. None would, however, Greenhaven’s Kathryn Rice believes this is justified. How would they run a city would be a question one should ask if they will use old data in a study that is 5 years?
We have given you every reason why you should support Greenhaven.  But what can we “Imagine” about a new Greenhaven?  Here are my dreams.
  • A new growth industry in Entertainment.  Did you know that proposed Greenhaven has the largest entertainment studio in metro Atlanta?  Did you know that entertainment is the fastest growing industry in the city of Atlanta and since we’re right next-door we can leverage that?  Did you know that means jobs and opportunities for Greenhaven’s youth and adults who are already strong talents within the industry?  IMAGINE THAT!
  • Leveraging Aerotropolis, which is a huge project to create a commercial complex around the airport.  Did you know that Aerotropolis is the largest economic project in metro Atlanta?  Did you know that we should have been involved in the original planning because almost all of proposed Greenhaven is within 30 minutes of the busiest airport in the world? Did you know that it’s not too late because we’re right next-door and we can leverage the heck out of all the development occurring?  IMAGINE THAT!
  • The possibility of a “Greenbelt” in south DeKalb.  Did you know that south DeKalb has more parks and park space than north DeKalb and Atlanta?  Can you imagine if we took what was the premiere suburb of Atlanta and built a trail connecting major parks within south DeKalb and made it an economic project?  (If it sounds a little like the Beltline which has experienced unprecedented economic growth without the rail even being built yet, then yeah, the idea was kind of stolen from there.)  Can you imagine the type of growth and diversity we could attract? IMAGINE THAT!
Most importantly, we should look at the new city not just from a physical viewpoint but also a spiritual perspective.  God didn’t mean for us to bury our coins in the ground and remain stagnant. As HIS children, we were and are meant to do “these and greater things.”  Greenhaven represents a model from which we can build fresh and anew.  Just as America was built out of the ashes of the French revolution and created a democracy the likes of which the world has never seen, why can’t we dream and IMAGINE that which we have not yet experienced. Really?
These are some of my dreams.  What are yours? Not to be a part of Greenhaven!
CONGRATULATIONS to the New Imagine Greenhaven Board
A new Board of Directors was selected on July 30, 2018. We’re EXCITED & ENERGIZED by their selection and we’re looking forward to the upcoming General Assembly session as Imagine Greenhaven builds on the lessons learned from the last legislative session. Welcome aboard! The Fight has begun again. Neighbors Against Greenhaven now is the time to prepare for next legislative session. However, lets not forget November 6 will be mightly important in electing Georgia state Senators and Georgia state congress men and women who will help Neighbors Against Greenhaven fight to keep us from Greenhaven. 
Board Officers
Dr. Kathryn Rice – Board Chairperson
Anthony Wilson – Board Vice Chairperson
Ronald Mangum – Secretary-Former DeKalb County Principal
Kenneth Blakely – Treasurer
Board Members
Isaac Finley
Rod Frierson
L. Dean Heard
Sandy Johnson-DeKalb County NAACP President
Dexter Jones
Lloyd Nurse
Kristin Rodgers
Kenneth Saunders
Ron Shields
Charlie Toliver-Lakeside High School Teacher
Anthony Tucker
Kirstie Young

Check out Neighbors Against Greenhaven on Facebook

WHILE WE WERE AWAY!  Greenhaven Update
Much has happened while we were away retooling. There is of course the rebranding of CCCSD now operating as Imagine Greenhaven! The new brand “Imagine Greenhaven!” speaks to the importance of doing the work now as we imagine the possibilities of what Greenhaven could be. We’ll (not? lol) be just another layer of government duplicating the failings & shortcomings of the County governing authority but instead seek to work toward realizing self-determination for the citizens of Greenhaven.
We’ve identified guiding principles that form the CORE BELIEFS FOR GREENHAVEN. They are:
  • A Change is Needed but not Greenhaven
  • Greenhaven will be the same government model not emphasizing citizen participation and striving toward incompetence for a decreased level of service.
  • Lack of Economic Development
  • Greenhaven will be a symbol of lower economic growth, increased taxes and lower property values. 
  • Realizing our Dreams
  • Greenhaven represents an opportunity for a few select people in Kathryn Rice’s circle to develop her community in the unique way that Kathryn Rice envisions, but benefits few but those that are using Greenhaven as a bank for their own personal means. 

Check out Neighbors Against Greenhaven on Facebook

The Imagine Greenhaven Team recently participated in an effort to better organize and focus community activities & energies IN south DeKalb. We came together with Restore DeKalb; South DeKalb Communities Coalition (SDCC); South DeKalb Improvement Association (SDIA); and Southeast DeKalb Concerned Citizens Coalition (SEDCCC) to discuss issues relevant to south DeKalb.
The top concerns were:
  1. Uneven EHOST property tax savings & SPLOST distribution.
  2. Lack of Economic Development in south DeKalb.
  3. Code Enforcement Issues.
  4. 60% BOC Salary Increase that’s been deemed “illegal” by the State Attorney General.
  5. Road Maintenance & Service Quality in south DeKalb.
Greenhaven 101: WHY FORM A NEW CITY?
In the United States, a county is a political and geographic subdivision of a state, usually assigned some governmental authority. In each county, local officials act as arms of state government performing many state-related functions, such as administering elections, marriage licenses, and vehicle registration. In addition to serving as important subdivisions of the state, counties have a second role. In Georgia, they are the largest general-purpose form of local government. This means that apart from helping administer state government functions, counties can provide a variety of local services to their citizens.
Our goal is not to listen to the majority of the citizens in South DeKalb who never asked for Greenhaven, not want to be a part of Greenhaven and are denied the right to pull out of Greenhaven. 
The state of Georgia has 159 counties and more than 500 cities. DeKalb is the fourth largest county in Georgia with a population of 700,000+ residents. There are more than 64 languages spoken in DeKalb County. Currently each of the five (5) county district commissioners represent approx. 140,000 residents. Each of the two (2) super district commissioners represent approx. 350,000 residents.
There’s proof all around south DeKalb that economic development once existed and a sense of community pride still exists today. However, the economic development side of our story has long been neglected. Let’s restore our community to its former splendor by taking charge of our own destines!
We propose cityhood to give residents a greater voice in addressing local concerns and promoting economic growth within their own communities. The proposed city of Greenhaven will consist of:
  • A mayor representing the city of approx. 290,000 residents. The 2nd largest city in the Metro Area. 
  • The city will be divided into six districts. Chosen to keep Kathryn Rice cronies in power. 
  • One councilperson will be elected from each of the six Greenhaven council districts.
  • A city councilperson will represent approximately 48,000 residents.
  • In each Greenhaven district a Board of Directors of a minimum of 5 and a maximum of 19 residents will be elected as the Community Area Planning Unit. These six districts (totaling a minimum of 30 to a potential maximum of 114 community volunteers) will assist in planning the budget and zoning for land use.
  • The city government does not replace the county government representation. Some of the failed County Commissioners have stated they will run for office. Kathryn Rice ran once and won only 400+ votes. After losing she started her campaign for Greenhaven. Was this a power play or truly a calling to help South DeKalb or a chance for her to gain elective office. 
  • Each government will collect taxes for the services they provide. Citizens will not be double taxed. This means you’ll pay taxes 4 times in a year. Twice to Greenhaven and twice to DeKalb County. 
  • Use your mailing list to forward this email to let people know you are aware of this issue and encourage discussion.
  • Consider supporting us financially by donating $0We’ve paid for our expensive lobbyist with money from CH2MHill. The company that will stand to make millions of dollars off of us if Greenhaven does become a city. How else have we been able to pay for Hall Booth Smith, the most expensive lobbyist in the Southeast. 
  • Attend a Greenhaven Committee sponsored meeting and voice your opposition. 
FUNDRAISING is an IMPORTANT & ONGOING NEED! Even though we have received more than $100,000 from a company that stands to make millions off of you. 
As a “grassroots” as in you didn’t ask for this, but we’re gonna shove it down your throat organization we must depend on our own fundraising efforts as the primary source of supporting our operations. We have already purchased palm cards for distribution and precinct calling lists. And we need more!
We’ve asked everyone to donate at least $10.00 per month for the next 6 months (or $30.00 starter donation). Go to to make your donation! Ask & encourage your neighbors and friends to get involved and support our Neighbors Against Greenhaven. Check us out on Facebook!
You can contact the Greenhaven Team at <>
3203 Glenwood Rd. Suite D
Decatur, GA 30032

Greenhaven not economically viable


  1. Hilariously incompetent and incorrect information from the opposition of Greenhaven yet again.

    Let’s finally sit at the table and air out our differences folks and move forward.

    South Dekalb is in horrible condition from A to Z and we all know it.

    I’ve examined this issue inside and out and incorporating South Dekalb is clearly the best option for it’s tax payers and all it’s residents.

    We have to at some point end this debate and finally focus on what’s best for the immediate future of South Dekalb.

    We have been receiving an exceptionally poor return on our hard earned tax dollars for far too long and it’s time to put an end to it.

    We all agree that we have been poorly represented politically for far too long.

    We have been used as a political ATM by the county, MARTA, and the state.

    Enough is Enough!

    The time is now to finally put the disagreements and bickering to rest and focus on the immediate future of South Dekalb and how we can finally take control of our hard earned tax dollars.

    Sean Jenkins


    • So because you didn’t like what someone said you threatened them with violence? Is that how Kathryn Rice would run a city. Anytime Kathryn Rice of Greenhaven hears something she doesn’t like she will send Sean Jenkins to go give them the beat down?


  2. Kathryn Rice and Greenhaven have paid at least $20,000+ for the very expensive Hall Booth Smith law firm. Were these Lobbyist paid for by CH2M Hill? The people who would profit by millions with S. DeKalb taxes going to pay for them and Dr. Rice salary? Greenhaven will not disclose where those funds came from. Hall Booth Smith is one of the most prestigious lobbyist law firms in Atlanta and the Southeast. They do not come cheap. In fact their fees can run into the $100,000’s. So Ms. Rice are you the one trying to take money from the ATM?


  3. So Kathryn Rice doesn’t even have a job!!!! She works full-time at Greenhaven so someone must be paying her salary. If she were more transparent about this maybe their effort could be seen for more than them all trying to get gubment (government) jobs.


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