Sandy Johnson DeKalb NAACP and Greenhaven

Video: What would Greenhaven do differently than DeKalb County

April 26, 2022 update: The proposed city of Greenhaven is now called City of DeKalb and is being promoted by the same cast of characters, calling themselves DeKalb Cityhood Movement.

Video: What would Greenhaven, Ga do differently than DeKalb County is the question asked of Imagine Greenhaven by an attendee.  Many in the audience were members of  Neighbors Against Greenhaven. This video was taken November 7 in a presentation from Imagine Greenhaven to PRISM. This was lead by Sandy Johnson of DeKalb NAACP and Kathryn Rice who leads Imagine Greenhaven.April 26, 2022

Police remove Greenhaven, Ga Kathryn Rice from State Capitol

Big Money Lobbyist behind Greenhaven, Ga

Neighbors Against Greenhaven, Citizens in Opposition to Greehaven and DeKalb Strong Meeting a Success


  1. Greenhaven is an attempt to gooble up the remaining opportunity to spend the tax revenues of the fragmented remainder of unincorporated South Dekalb County. This is another level of taxes which won’t impact the quality of our lives. I strongly oppose this move and we don’t have enough business revenue producers left to make a positive impact in the fragmented South Dekalb sectors. I don’t want to endure the city of Lithonia issues at my home.

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    • Kathryn Rice is behind this travesty. It’s amazing how one person can take a class and call themselves a Harvard grad and with no popular support

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