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Big Money Lobbyist for Greenhaven and Vista Grove

UPDATE: November 30, 2021

Greenhaven has changed its’ name, but not it’s tactics. Kathryn Rice announced Greenhaven is now going by the name of City of DeKalb. Same script, same cast, just a new name, a larger footprint and promoting it as DeKalb Cityhood. The irony of this is that their lobbyist, Brad Carver, of Hall Smith Booth is a Republican supporter of Trump tactics! Brad Carver is on record of saying the election of President Biden, Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossof, all of whom won the vote in Georgia in 2020, was election fraud. We know it’s not true, but what does that say about Kathryn Rice and they City of DeKalb crew? The ends do not justify the means. City of DeKalb proponents and Kathryn Rice are saying it’s voter suppression, when they are actually using Brad Carver, is one of the members supporting Georgia’s legislation and installing tactics that would actually suppress the votes of not only minorities, but independent voters. DeKalb Cityhood are messaging that they want an all black city, but are using politicians that are actively suppressing votes and gerrymandering districts to suppress the voters of metro Atlanta.

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February 20, 2018:

This is an update of a post from February 20, 2018. Back then we reported, thanks to Concerned Citizens in Opposition to Greenhaven, that Kathryn Rice and Imagine Greenhaven , who at that time was Greenhaven Now, were receiving monies to pay for their lobbyist. It appears we were correct in our assumption that is was CHM2Hill.
They are all heavily connected through John and Cynthia Garst of CPS Strategies, Brad Carver of Hall Booth Smith and CHM2Hill. Greenhaven has most of the same lobbyists as Vista Grove. John Garst represented himself as the lobbyist for LaVista Hills and now again with Vista Grove.

Look above and see what is the common thread, Brad Carver of Hall Booth Smith. He has worked with Greenhaven, Ga for the past several years and now, with Vista Grove. Above you’ll see him last year with Greenhaven’s Dean Heard, Greenhaven’s Kathryn Rice, his business card he showed Neighbors Against Greenhaven, March 4 at Vista Grove and Greenhaven’s rally at the State Capitol, a photo of him from his lobbyist law firm, a shot of their office in Downtown Atlanta and the lobby to the entrance of their very expensive office they rent. So how does a group of folks from Greenhaven afford the luxury of an attorney who won’t talk to you without a down payment of $10,000 to just get in the door?

If you are sick and tired of Greenhaven using lobbyist to promote the cityhood agenda write your state legislators and let them know to not vote to allow Greenhaven to come forth DeKalb delegates 2019 email list

He’s a business partner of Steve Schultz. They are local GOP attack dogs famous for running particularly nasty, racially tinged campaigns. All of that money trickles down and Greenhaven, Ga doesn’t have to report it because they aren’t receiving the money directly. This same formula was successfully implemented for Stonecrest.

Take a look at the long list of Greenhaven lobbyist.

However, Imagine Greenhaven claims that this long list of $10,000 lobbyist is paid for by donations. Look below at that current Imagine Greenhaven contributors.

Obviously, we can’t believe them when they used former State Senator, Republican Josh McKoon of Columbus to sponsor their bill last year. Who is Josh McKoon? While in office he was staunch supporter of the Georgia Voter ID law. This law was meant to suppress minority voters. He was implemented soon after the Shelby County v. Holder overturned Section 5 of the Voting Rights Act. The irony here is that Kathryn Rice and Greenhaven are shouting voter suppression because of their frivolous attempt at Cityhood. For more on that read Greenhaven The Lie: Right to Vote Denied?

They appear to be quite far from $200 let alone $50,0000!

Look below and follow the money. It’s quite apparent that they have a corporate sponsor.

Wait there’s more

According to DeKalb Strong below we show the current client list for John Garst, lobbyist for Greenhaven. He previously lobbied for LaVista Hills. He and his wife are not the only lobbyists for Greenhaven who are also on the lobbyist list for Vista Grove.

For the uninitiated:

Coleman Talley is a law firm that has made millions providing city attorneys to new cities, and has participated in pushing cityhood efforts.

Jacobs is making millions running new cities, now that they acquired CH2M Hill.

Eagle’s Landing was the effort to break an independent city of Stockbridge right when they elected their first black mayor.

East Cobb is the city movement that has hired a virulent anti-immigrant activist to convince people in East Cobb that they can protect themselves from Democrats if they form a city.

Client list of Greenhaven and Vista Grove lobbyist

Greenhaven and Vista Grove Lobbyist Brad Carver of Hall Booth Smith
Greenhaven and Vista Grove Lobbyist Brad Carver of downtown lobbyist law firm Hall Booth Smith

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