Greenhaven sinks to new low

Imagine Greenhaven has sunk to a new low in their quest for Greenhaven, Ga

They are ramping up their disgusting racially tinged campaign. This looks like it’s going to be their new tactic. We I really hope it backfires. several in South DeKalb and they deplore this tactic, so go ahead “Dr” Rice.

Profound deception – designed to appeal to race based degradation. Proposed Greenhaven is a corporate initiative to redevelop and increase land use development density which will increase the cost of real estate property taxes, fees, basic service deliveries such as garbage collection, water supply, sewer systems, real estate property insurance with an unnecessary layer of government – personnel, their salaries, employee benefits, health – life insurance, retirement cost and liability of same. The vote ploy is a trick.

Police remove Greenhaven’s Kathryn Rice from State Capitol

Big Money Lobbyist for Greenhaven and Vista Grove

Greenhaven Opposition Meeting Feb 26

To get Neighbors Against Greenhaven signs

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