Greenhaven Lobbyist paid for by CH2MHill?

Greenhaven, Ga has paid at least $20,000+ for the very expensive Hall Booth Smith law firm. Were these Lobbyist paid for by CH2M Hill? Greenhaven, who hasn’t hadn’t fundraisers will not disclose where those funds came from. Hall Booth Smith is one of the most prestigious lobbyist law firms in Atlanta and the Southeast. They do not come cheap. In fact their fees can run into the $100,000’s. Check us out on Facebook

Who is funding this campaign? Kathryn Rice, Greenhaven, The Concerned Citizens for Cityhood of South DeKalb Inc and the Greenhaven Business Alliance Inc.

Neighbors Against Greenhaven will start promoting our opposition to Greenhaven through public meetings, articles and signs and directing those who would like to join to our Facebook Page and our Website.  In addition, we are opposing Greenhaven’s inappropriate use of the definition of voter suppression. We are determined to prevent this vote because neighbors in Stone Mountain, Decatur, Gresham, Ellenwood, Clarkston and Scottdale weren’t not consulted in the beginning nor at any time during.

Neighbors Against Greenhaven is a group of citizens in the affected unincorporated areas of DeKalb County who oppose the cityhood of Greenhaven.  To learn more, visit the Neighbors Against Greenhaven website at Neighbors Against Greenhaven website.  You can also visit 

Greenhaven: Who is Behind the Effort? Republicans Rep Ed Rynders and Kathryn Rice

Petition from Citizens Against Cityhood in DeKalb has 700+ Signatures for people opposed to Greenhaven. Please sign both petitions!!!

Why N.A.G. Opposes Greenhaven


  1. I have read every article,and all comments an I have not yet read anything from NAG as to why they are oppose to Greenhaven, wanting to change the neighborhood they live in, or stimulate Economic Development in the proposed City of Greenhaven. I have spoken to, and read all Greenhaven’s articles’. To me they are hard working folks that live in the Community, who are using their own money to make Changes in their unserved Neighborhoods. Their is no one giving them a blank check. Also, it appears that the only problem is being Black with a Dream of Change!!!!!! Hmm?


    • Dean, much like all the people associated with Greenhaven you come across as mean and angry. Like Chris Griffin, Sean Jenkins you perpetuate the stupidity that is associated with Imagine Greenhaven. Now you’re trying to make it black and white issue. Dude, the majority of the people against it are black. In the video it shows your lack of transparency and that you’re hiding something. What you don’t know is that if it ever came to a vote you would get more media scrutiny into where does this money come from. You’ll get images of black senior citizens who are offended that you are trying to use the voter suppression as an issue when you used Republican Josh McKoon to sponsor your bill. Josh McKoon was behind legislation to suppress black votes. How you reconcile that issue shows your lack of imagination. Imagine that.

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      • The people that are against are hardworking people as well. We want a better DeKalb and have in all of our small ways worked to make it and our neighborhoods better. If you spent more time making a better argument for Imagine Greenhaven instead of downplaying the other folks you might get more than the same 10 people who have been after an elective office for the past 5 years. To imply we don’t want a better DeKalb is not a good tactic for Imagine Greenhaven.

        Look when Greenhaven is defeated again we will all still be neighbors, church members and a community. Please stop denigrating people for disagreeing with you.

        Like on the video you come across as defensive like you’re hiding something. Trump is not showing his income tax return and Greenhaven won’t show that CH2M Hill is paying for your lobbyist.

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    • Greenhaven’s Ron Bivins Greenhaven economic development director. is he the same Ron Bivins indicted along with Rolland Callahan, Frank Redding a DeKalb County state representative, and Walter Young for distribution of drugs in 1988. Is Greenhaven’ Ron Bivins of Concerned Citizens for Cityhood of South DeKalb and South DeKalb Improvement Association (SDIA) the same one who had his real estate license revoked by the Georgia Real Estate Commission in 1988?

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  2. Be sure to look for Jacobs Engineering for any CH2MHILL related searches as they are the parent company.
    Look out for InterDev too, they get involved in cityhood shenanigans too.

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    • Thanks for the information! We’re trying to stay on top of it. Our hope is that because of the big 2020 budget fight the Georgia legislators will be too busy to take up any cityhood movement.

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