Video: Greenhaven Development and Funds from Lobbyist

In the video clip shown below, skip to the 3 minute 55 second mark and you’ll see Dean Heard, Board Member of Imagine Greenhaven and unsuccessful candidate for Georgia House District 94 in 2018, angrily say that they do no need to provide any information on where they received funds to pay for one the most expensive lobbyist in the Southeast.

Please view the entire video clip as a participant ask why would developers decide to wait to develop in South DeKalb, and would only do so after the area becomes the City of Greenhaven.

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UPDATE: November 30, 2021

Greenhaven has changed its’ name, but not it’s tactics. Kathryn Rice announced Greenhaven is now going by the name of City of DeKalb. Same script, same cast, just a new name, a larger footprint and promoting it as DeKalb Cityhood. The irony of this is that their lobbyist, Brad Carver, of Hall Smith Booth is a Republican supporter of Trump tactics! Brad Carver is on record of saying the election of President Biden, Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossof, all of whom won the vote in Georgia in 2020, was election fraud. We know it’s not true, but what does that say about Kathryn Rice and they City of DeKalb crew? The ends do not justify the means. City of DeKalb proponents and Kathryn Rice are saying it’s voter suppression, when they are actually using Brad Carver, is one of the members supporting Georgia’s legislation and installing tactics that would actually suppress the votes of not only minorities, but independent voters. DeKalb Cityhood are messaging that they want an all black city, but are using politicians that are actively suppressing votes and gerrymandering districts to suppress the voters of metro Atlanta.

Kathryn Rice are Fees and Taxes really not the same?

Video: What would Greenhaven do differently

Greenhaven Opposition Meeting Feb 26

Why N.A.G. Opposes Greenhaven


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