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Neighbors Against Greenhaven Petition to prevent tax increases in south & central DeKalb home due to the new city of Greenhaven, Ga

Please join Neighbors Against Greenhaven in petitioning to stop the Georgia State legislature from creating a new city in south and central DeKalb.  Help prevent our homes and neighborhoods in unincorporated DeKalb including those with a mailing address of Atlanta, Decatur, Ellenwood, Stone Mountain, and Clarkston from being forced into a new city called Greenhaven, Ga.

There are bills coming in the Georgia State legislature to create a new city and you would be automatically included unless you express your opposition to being included in the new city boundary.

Why Neighbors Against Greenhaven opposes Greenhaven, Ga

1. Your taxes would increase and include new franchise fees.

2. Your property value would decrease.

3. Greenhaven would provide only 3 services, Parks & Rec, Zoning and Code       Enforcement. Your remaining services would still be provided by DeKalb County.

4. We were never given the opportunity to opt out of this new city

5. Greenhaven’s feasibility study is based on data more than 5 years old.

6. Cityhood efforts divert attention from improving DeKalb.

Neighbors Against Greenhaven believe that residents deserve a more deliberate process; and that the state legislature needs to make changes to the cityhood and annexation process. We should have some say at the front end of the process as to whether communities are included in a new city boundary. The cityhood proponents, such as Greenhaven, Ga want to deny citizens their most fundamental right to have a choice by forcing residents into the 2nd largest city in Georgia with a population of 300,000 population, by the vote of the majority without any equitable representation or local consent.

You should not support being in a city until you gather the facts about the costs, services, and how you will be treated. Do not allow anyone to scare you into creating a new DeKalb city, especially the 2nd largest city in Georgia overnight. It has never been done before.

To Join the Discussion: Neighbors Against Greenhaven Facebook Page

Please email these Legislators to let them know we do not want this new city:

Greenhaven Petition Email List

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