DeKalb Cityhood Movement and Cobb Cityhood Big Election Losers

City of DeKalb Endorsed Candidates Lose

Candidates endorsed by DeKalb Cityhood Movement, proponents of City of DeKalb, lost by large margins in yesterday’s election. Some of the candidates didn’t garner double digit percentage. The candidates endorsed by DeKalb Cityhood Movement learned that, like Trump endorsed candidates, you can’t win on just promoting a new city or lies about elections.

In House District 84, Omari Crawford, who ran a well crafted campaign and reached out to all of the citizens of that diverse area won handily 81% to the DeKalb Cityhood Movement endorsed candidate Maurice Raeford. Mr. Crawford signs were seen in the yards of actual voters and Mr. Raeford signs were seen on the roadside.

House District 90 City of DeKalb endorsed Peter Hubbard came in fourth place with less than 7% of the vote. There will be a runoff between Saira Draper and Michelle Schreiner.

Incumbent Gail Davenport easily defeated DeKalb Cityhood Movement endorsed Robert Flournoy 89% to 11%. State Senator Davenport has proudly served Georgia State Senate District 44 for 11 years. Mr. Flournoy, was the third candidate to lose while being endorsed by the proponents of the proposed City of DeKalb.

The elections results were pulled from the Fox5 website. You can see all statewide and local election results there as well.

Cobb Cityhood Election Results

Surprisingly, all of the proposed cities in Cobb were voted down according to the Marietta Daily Journal. East Cobb, the largest of the proposed cities in Cobb was overwhelmingly voted down with 72% voting NO and and 27% voting Yes. Lost Mountain had 57% voting NO and only 42% voting Yes. The results were similar for Vinings with 55% voting NO and 45% voting Yes. Speaking with several residents in the area it was found that NO vote signs were found in the yards of the residents and families that lived there, while the flashy, more expensive Yes signs were found on roadsides. These means, like City of DeKalb, there is an incentive of large developers and government contract seeking companies behind these measures.

DeKalb United is the umbrella for the opposition of the City of DeKalb and include Neighbors Against Greenhaven, Citizens in Opposition of Greenhaven, Georgia Federation of Teachers and PRISM. DeKalb United did not endorse any candidates yet all of the candidates in favor of City of DeKalb lost. The citizens have spoken.

Are these the percentage of voters in South DeKalb that are against the proposed City of DeKalb? Should we waste money on a vote that’s predetermined and whose support is from outsiders?

As a public service below are the latest updates of the DeKalb Board of Commissioners and DeKalb Board of Education elections:

City of DeKalb and DeKalb Cityhood Movement lose election


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