Mableton de-annexation Town Hall

Mableton De-Annexation

Some residents of the recently incorporated city of Mableton are petitioning that their legislators file a bill for them to de-annex for the new city of Mableton.

State Rep. David Wilkerson hosted a town hall. He says there were areas that voted overwhelmingly against cityhood. He plans to introduce legislation to remove those portions from the Mableton city boundary.

Resident-turned-activist Christie Lynn had high hopes of mobilizing community support for de-annexing portions of Mableton’s new city boundaries during Wednesday night’s town hall.

Her expectations were surpassed when an estimated 600 people flooded the roomin the Cobb police training centerWednesday night in south Cobb — with standing-room-only, and more who tried to join.

“I knew that the community was eager to come out and discuss this, but I did not expect it would get to the point where people would have to be turned away,” Lynn said.

Mableton de-annexation Town Hall
Mableton de-annexation Town Hall

Fox 5 Atlanta news: Push to de-annex from Mableton Opponents of Mableton cityhood say they will request de-annexation

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