Proposed City of DeKalb Red Flags

Citizens In Opposition to Greenhaven and Neighbors Against Greenhaven have completed a review of the nearly 8 year old Carl Vinson at the University of Georgia Feasibility Study of the proposed City of DeKalb, formerly Greenhaven. DeKalb Cityhood Movement uses the study as proof that a new city would be financially sustainable. As noted in the review the Feasibility Study is not what the General Assembly votes on to approve or deny a city’s creation. The separate Charter document represents the actual bill used by legislators that, if approved, would become law. This same charter is one that was found to give developers and large companies the ability “donate” to Community Area Planning Unity, and thereby influence zoning of projects in any neighborhood.

The following statements from the CVIOG Feasibility Study indicate red flags regarding the economic stability of a new city and the weight taxpayers should give to its validity.

(1) “…Proposed Greenhaven’s primary weakness –its economic vulnerability”…
(2) “We were unable to identify another city of similar size to the proposed City of South DeKalb
that provides only planning and zoning, code enforcement, and parks and recreation services.”
(3) “While it is our hope that this report assists with the public consideration of a potential
municipal incorporation, it should not be construed to constitute a position either for or against
the establishment of a City of South DeKalb by the Carl Vinson Institute of Government

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Read the entire report below:

Fact: Feasibility Study Age: The date contained in their report is nearly eight (8) years old and doesn’t take into consideration changes affecting it accuracy, such as, COVID-19, census data, redistricting and annexations.

Fact: Tax Implications: Only 3% of tax parcels are commercial/industrial in the proposed boundaries, while 95% are residentials so any tax increases will be borne by residential property owners. You will have two tax bills, one to the City of DeKalb and another to DeKalb County.

DeKalb County is best served without an extra layer of government. The County is not perfect, but we should work collectively to make it what we desire it to be. There is nothing in new proposed by the DeKalb Cityhood Movement that the County does not currently provide. If fact, the proposed city of DeKalb offers minimal services and would inherit the same demographics and issues facing the County today.

Concerned Citizens in Opposition to Greenhaven

Neighbors Against Greenhaven (NAG)

What Can You Do? Write your state Senator and Representative and let them know you are against Cityhood. Please send a separate email or send only to your Senator and House Rep as show below. In addition, we’ve added an excel file with all of their names and phone numbers.

District Name legislative email

83 Becky  Evans

84 Renitta  Shannon

85 Karla  Drenner

86 Zulma  Lopez

87 Viola  Davis

88 Billy  Mitchell

89 Bee  Nguyen

90 Angela  Moore

91 Rhonda  Taylor

92 Doreen  Carter

93 Dar’shun  Kendrick

94 Karen  Bennett      

Senate     District Name legislative email

10 Emanuel Jones

41 Kim Jackson

42 Elena Parent

43 Tonya Anderson

44 Gail Davenport

55 Gloria Butler

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