Greenhaven Kathryn Rice gets removed from Georgia State Capitol by Police. If Kathryn doesn't know how to act in public how can she run a country.

Kathryn Rice “steps down” from Greenhaven

Kathryn Rice sent out an email today stating that she is resounding as Chair of Imagine Greenhaven. She also states that by stepping down this permits her “step up” her support for creating a new city.

Kathryn Rice is the founder and officer of South DeKalb Improvement Association, Imagine Greenhaven (formerly Concerned Citizens for Cityhood for South DeKalb), and Greenhaven Business Alliance. All organizations have a stated goal of creating the proposed City of Greenhaven and actively lobby the state legislature for its passage.

The AJC reported on February 24, 2015 that Kathryn Rice was nominated to fill a vacant seat on the DeKalb County Board of Commissioners. The three Commissioners representing south DeKalb, who are all Black, voted to reject her nomination and she failed to gain a seat on the Board.

Disappointed but determined, Kathryn Rice, decided to run for the same seat when an election was announced for that open seat in June 2015. She, again, lost. As reported in DeKalb News Watch on June 17, 2015, Ms. Rice received 9% or 427 votes. Greenhaven Now Spokesperson, Kenneth Saunders also ran in that election and received 3% of the vote or 115 votes. Mereda Davis Johnson was the eventual winner.

On March 4, 2019, Capitol Police removed Ms. Rice for disrupting the DeKalb County House Delegation meeting. Her actions were a pre-planned and ill-conceived publicity stunt.

Greenhaven began with Kathryn Rice and other individuals running for office – and losing, and then forming organizations to hopefully meet their objective: Cityhood at any price.

1. Concerned Citizens for Cityhood of South DeKalb (since May 2018 – now known as Imagine Greenhaven) – listed as the entity that pays their lobbyist at the firm of Hall Booth Smith over $10,000 to convince state legislators to approve a bill creating Greenhaven. This organization pays for the branding of Greenhaven Now. The Registered Agent is Kathryn Rice and CEO.

2. South DeKalb Improvement Association (SDIA), SDIA’s purpose is as their economic development arm. To date, they have not led any new economic development in south or central DeKalb. Kenneth Saunders, III is not only a spokesperson for Greenhaven Now but is also CEO of this organization’s board. Kathryn Rice is the Registered Agent. Tom Walton – CFO.

3. Greenhaven Business Alliance- Led by Dean Heard who is yet another failed politician (details below). It collects donations for Greenhaven, but its source of funds is unknown. Musa Dan Folio is the registered Agent. He has an attorney office in downtown Stone Mountain. Kathryn Rice is Secretary. Tom Walton – CFO.

4. Greenhaven Now – Rebranded in 2019 as Greenhaven Now, this is the umbrella organization representing all of the entities above.

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