Is Cityhood Movement Over?

Over at Georgia Trend, Kennesaw State University political scientist Kerwin Swint wonders if a feudal fever that has afflicted the General Assembly is on the wane. 

[F]or those keeping score, since 2017, cityhood movements are a collective 0 for 3. Add in the LaVista Hills loss in 2015, and that’s four losses in the last four years. It looks as though the appeal of chartering new cities in congested and overtaxed metro Atlanta is losing steam.

In addition the article states

Residents of would-be Greenhaven in south DeKalb County face a different challenge. The area lacks the high-income, commercial development prospects that some newer cities in Metro Atlanta were able to take advantage of. Many residents fear a new city government would be in constant need of more revenue, putting pressure on an already economically stressed area. Opinion is sharply divided, and political support for cityhood is weak.

Please someone inform Kathryn Rice of Greenhaven, Ga and the Vista Grove folks.

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