Viola Davis, Georgia State House Representative District 87

Rep Viola Davis: Someone is going jail!

Georgia House Representative Viola Davis spoke last night, May 21, 2019, at a community forum held by Southeast DeKalb Concerned Citizens Coalition (SEDCCC) at North Hairston DeKalb Library. Kathryn Rice, founder of Greenhaven, Ga and Imagine Greenhaven, shown below, was in attendance as well.

Greenhaven Kathryn Rice gets removed from Georgia State Capitol by Police. If Kathryn doesn't know how to act in public how can she run a country.
Greenhaven Kathryn Rice gets removed from Georgia State by Capitol by Police. If Kathryn doesn’t know how to act in public how can she run a city .

During the meeting when Rep. Viola Davis was speaking on annexation within DeKalb County, Kathryn Rice and members from Greenhaven, Ga disrupted the meeting and accused Rep. Davis of going back on her campaign promise. That’s when Rep. Viola Davis decided to set the record straight. In summary,  she indicates that someone fraudulently put on name on legislation for Vista Grove and she’s not having it. See video below:  

Rep. Viola Davis is a veteran, a registered nurse and now to a state legislator. She is a longtime advocate for changing DeKalb government. In fact, she started the group Unhappy Taxpayer. According to here’s what she told them that got it all starte

‘ “I had a number of problems that were not being addressed and simply put a banner on my home and some signs in my yard that said ‘unhappy taxpayer and voter.’”

She’s built different coalitions with people to get the county to close vacant landfills, have a moratorium on shutting off people’s water after the county had billing problems, and stopping cell phone towers from being built on school properties. ‘

Below is a snap shot of the memo she put out after she discovered her name had been forged:

Rep. Viola Davis Memo Greenhaven GA deception
Rep. Viola Davis Memo announcing she will not sponsor Vista Grove or Greenhaven Ga

This link shows the entire memo: Viola Davis Cityhood Legislation Memorandum with Exhibits

In addition DeKalb County Commissioner District 5 Mereda Davis Johnson was in attendance as well. She stated her opposition to Greenhaven, Ga, Vista Grove and  cityhood in general.

We’d like to thank Rep. Viola Davis for her service and for her efforts in making DeKalb a better place. In addition, she was one of the DeKalb delegation that signed off on new legislation to prevent annexations that took unincorporated areas and school tax dollars. Unfortunately, City of Decatur Schools paid $10,000 to a lobbyist who was a college friend of Kemp.

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City of Decatur lobby’s Against DeKalb County Schools

Police remove Greenhaven’s Kathryn Rice from State Capitol

Agnes Scott student against Greenhaven

Proposed Greenhaven, Ga How It All Began

UPDATE: November 30, 2021

Greenhaven has changed its’ name, but not it’s tactics. Kathryn Rice announced Greenhaven is now going by the name of City of DeKalb. Same script, same cast, just a new name, a larger footprint and promoting it as DeKalb Cityhood. The irony of this is that their lobbyist, Brad Carver, of Hall Smith Booth is a Republican supporter of Trump tactics! Brad Carver is on record of saying the election of President Biden, Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossof, all of whom won the vote in Georgia in 2020, was election fraud. We know it’s not true, but what does that say about Kathryn Rice and they City of DeKalb crew? The ends do not justify the means. City of DeKalb proponents and Kathryn Rice are saying it’s voter suppression, when they are actually using Brad Carver, is one of the members supporting Georgia’s legislation and installing tactics that would actually suppress the votes of not only minorities, but independent voters. DeKalb Cityhood are messaging that they want an all black city, but are using politicians that are actively suppressing votes and gerrymandering districts to suppress the voters of metro Atlanta.


  1. John Frase, Kings Row Community
    In opposition to Greenhaven and would like to be able to concentrate on improving and supporting DeKalb.

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