Why Neighbors Against Greenhaven Doesn’t Block Opponents on Facebook

Neighbors Against Greenhaven Facebook (N.A.G.) Page was created March 9, 2016. We now have over 1,000 members. Most of our planning and organizing has taken place on our Facebook Page. N.A.G. Facebook Page has been one of our main sources for call to actions when it was necessary to send our emails and make phone calls to legislators. It’s been and continues to be a valuable tool.

Recently, we’ve had several Greenhaven, Ga, Greenhaven Now or Imagine Greenhaven proponents begin to post on our Page.  Usually they’ll start with innocuous questions as if they are truly searching for answers on the Greenhaven, Ga issue. So far, those posting on our Facebook Page, haven’t been offensive, but they never start with the fact that they are actually, and have been for some time, Greenhaven proponents. We know that many people come to our websites to find out more information on Greenhaven, Ga because the majority of South DeKalb is unaware of this proposed city.

Once the conversation starts they slowly reveal who they are. They’ve done this many times on this website as well.  For weeks they communicated with us via www.NeighborsAgainstGreenhaven.com  and after many comments eventually reveal their true identity.  We’ve had individuals start posting on our NAG Facebook page and haven’t revealed they’re a proponent of Imagine Greenhaven.

The question becomes why they would post on our site and Facebook Page. Is it to cause dissention or attempt to truly create dialogue between the opponents and proponents of Greenhaven, Ga.

We’ve been asked why we don’t just ban them as we don’t know their true motives and if they are just attempting to disrupt our progress against Greenhaven. DeKalb Strong’s Marjorie Hall Snook recently posted on their Facebook Page why she doesn’t block opponents of Vista Grove and we’ve adopted that same protocol.

“When you are deleting and blocking comments, you are losing. We know our message and are confident in our arguments, and can handle everything thrown our way. While we will ban people who are abusive, name-call, or threaten; criticisms and negativity is more than welcome.

We have always welcomed vigorous debate because we know that when people hear both sides in this, our arguments are persuasive to reasonable people.”

Neighbors Against Greenhaven and Concerned Citizens in Opposition to Greenhaven is of the belief that pages with dissention are often more convincing than pure disciplined public relation spun pages we see from Greenhaven and Vista Grove.

We are aware the many people who visit our site and Facebook page or truly undecided and come seeking information. Obviously, we are against Greenhaven and Vista Grove, and cityhood in DeKalb in general, so the information found on both sites will reflect that. However, in general, prohibition of opposing views causes more problems than it prevents, and with patience and grace we think we can be persuasive even in the face of disingenuous opposition comments.

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