Neighbors Against Greenhaven, Citizens in Opposition to Greenhaven and DeKalb Strong February 26, 2019 Meeting at Rehoboth Church

Greenhaven and Vista Grove defeated (again)

We all know it’s not really over until Sine Die, the term used for the 40th and last day of the legislative session, which will be April 2 this year. But according to the AJC “Efforts to create two new cities in DeKalb County have failed in the Statehouse this year.”

Thanks to all of your efforts we have defeated a Greenhaven, Ga and Vista Grove again. All the phone calls, emails, those that signed the petition and all the visits to the statehouse have paid off. We didn’t have high paid fancy lawyers, lobbyist and PR executives. The voice of the people was heard.

We couldn’t have done this without the help of DeKalb Strong and Concerned Citizens Against Greenhaven. Our collaboration with them has been invaluable.

‘Let’s hope this will put an end to Kathryn’s Rice and Greenhaven and Vista Grove.

Police remove Greenhaven’s Kathryn Rice from State CapitolWhy N.A.G. Opposes Greenhaven

Big Money Lobbyist for Greenhaven and Vista Grove

Police remove Greenhaven’s Kathryn Rice from State Capitol


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