HB 644 Greenhaven did not make Crossover Day 2018 in the Georgia Legislature

Josh McKoon supports Greenhaven

josh mckoon

On Friday, March 23, 2018, Josh McKoon, a Republican from Columbus who has served in the State Senate since 2011 and is running for Secretary of State, sponsored a bill SB495 for Greenhaven to start yet another round in 2019. McKoon has no connection to DeKalb County and has supported requiring Photo ID to vote. This is a measure used for voter suppression by Republicans, especially directed toward African Americans. This is ironic as Greenhaven supporter Kathryn Rice is claiming voter suppression with Greenhaven, yet found a sponsor for her bill  that supports voter suppression.

Republican Ed Rynder, Albany and Greenhaven Kathryn Rice
Republican Ed Rynder, Albany and Greenhaven Kathryn Rice

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