Neighbors Against Greenhaven Georgia State Capitol

Greenhaven: Email Legislators your opposition to this proposal

#Greenhaven is a new city proposed by Kathryn Rice, a twice failed candidate for DeKalb County Commissioner that would include 300,000 people, increase property taxes and drive development even further away from DeKalb looks to have enough votes so please email your DeKalb representatives individually and tell them to vote no!
They will delete if you send email as a group email. It takes time, but worth the effort. Two other groups are fighting this
For more information go to:

                            Email List for Greenhaven Opposition

Members of Governmental Affairs Committee (Decides if Bill passes or not):
Ed Rynders: 404.656.6801 – Office
Barry Fleming 404.656.0152 – Office
Eddie Lumsden 404.656.0325 – Office
Sahw Blackmon 404.656.0325 – Office
Buzz Brockway 404.656.0188 – Office
Rhonda Burnough 404.656.0116 – Office
Amy Carter 404.463.2248 – Office
J. Collins 404.656.0109 – Office
John Meadows 404.656.5141 – Office
Howard Mosby 404.656.0287 – Office
Mary Margaret Oliver 404.656.0265 – Office
Alan Powell 404.463.3793 – Office
Jay Powell 404.656.5103 – Office
Betty Price 404.656.0202 – Office
Renitta Shannon 404.656.7859 – Office
Darlene K. Taylor 404.656.0109 – Office
Tom Talyor 404.656.3947 – Office
Robert Trammel 404.656.5058 – Office
Scot Turner 404.656.0152 – Office
Bruce Williamson 404.656.5024 – Office

Dekalb Delegation
Howard Mosby 404.656.0287 – Office
Karen Bennett 404.983.7900 ​
Doreen Carter 404.656.0220
Karla Drenner 404.656.0202
Meagan Hanson 404.656.0325
Michele Henson 404.656.7859
Scott Holcomb 404.656.6372
Vernon Jones 404.656.0287
D’arshun Kendrick 678.739.8109
Billy Mitchell 404.656.0126 Greenhaven bill
Mary Margaret Oliver 404.656.0265 – Office
Renitta Shannon 404.656.7859 – Office
Pamela Stephenson 404.656.0126
Coach Williams 404.656.0202
Tonya Anderson 404.463.2598
Gloria Butler 404.656.0075
Gail Davenport 404.463.5260
Stephen Henson 404.656.0085
Emmanuel Jones 404.656.0502
Fran Millar 404.463.2260
Elena Parent 404.656.5109

Dekalb County Commissioners
Nancy Jester 404-371-2844
Jeff Rader 404) 371-2863 office
Larry Johnson 404-371-2000
Steve Bradshaw 404) 371-4907
Mereda Davis Johnson Tel.: 404-371-2159 Email:

Kathie Gannon 404-371-4909 phone

Gregory Adams 404-371-2204 or 404-371-2899


  1. I am a 40+ Tax paying resident in the East Atlanta Unincorporated Dekalb area,also in highly opposition to Greenhaven. When we purchased our home it was the area and the location that was the deciding factor where we wanted to live and have our on being. Not to be forced by people just trying to make a name/title for themselves or become trendy like other areas of the city.

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