State of Georgia Capitol

DeKalb County House Delegation Meeting Monday, January 29, 12Noon

DeKalb County House Delegation Meeting

Date: Monday, January 29, 2018

Time: 12Noon or until Adjournment

Where: State Capitol of Georgia

Room: Rm 403 Cap

Guest: DeKalb Cities Lunch will be provided

From: Howard Mosby, House District 83 and Karen Bennett, House District 94

Rep. Howard Mosby, Chairman, House District 83

Rep. Kara Drenner, Vice Chair, House District 85

Rep. Karen Bennett, Secretary, House District94

Rep. Doreen Carter, Treasurer, House District 92

Rep. Tom Taylor, House District 79

Rep. Dar’Shun Kendrick, Media, House District 93

Rep. Meagan Hanson, House District 80

Rep. Scott Holcomb, House District 81

Rep. Mary Margaret Oliver, House District 82

Rep. Renitta Shannon, House District 84

Rep. Michelle Henson, House District 86

Rep. Earnest Williams, House District 87

Rep. Billy Mitchell, Introduced Greenhaven legislation, House District 88

Rep. Bee Nguyen, House District 89

Rep. Pam Stephenson, House District 90

Rep. Vernon Jones, House District 91




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