South DeKalb Says No to Kathryn Rice and City of DeKalb

Citizens of South Dekalb DO NOT want a City of DeKalb or Greenhaven or whatever name Kathryn Rice has come up with today. Below is a Nextdoor thread about the announcement that Greenhaven/City of DeKalb Ga proponents are at it again calling themselves DeKalb Cityhood Movement. This was pulled from a post on November 29, 2021 through December 8, from a Worthington Valley residents and then spread throughout south DeKalb, Stone Mountain, Clarkston, Lithonia, Decatur and East Atlanta. There is a wide capture of citizens that would be affected and their thoughts on cityhood. There were 221 responses with 95% of them against cityhood. Due to space we couldn’t post them all, but we believe you’ll get the general sentiment.

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Read for yourself below:

Riverlake Estates

So Greenhaven by another name?

Neighbors Against Greenhaven
Neighbors Against Greenhaven

Brighton Village

Don’t do it my people, it’s a trap.

East Lake Terrace

Yes!! It most definitely is. I happen to know one of the main players very well and it will be the death of the proposed areas. Property taxes and all service fees, permits, etc; will have to increase/new fees that presently have none.The people out front are just that!! Fronts!! They are trying to appeal to what they know people want but that won’t happen. Take a long look at the city of Stone Crest?? They are coming to Suth Dekalb with a whole new strategy now, using the race feature to appeal to the African Americans to push it through and get votes by by flashing Tulsa in front of you!! I Personally think it is sad and so disrespectful they way people are trying to copy cat Tulsa for personal gain. Wonder what they will do next when finally educated regarding Central Park Tragedy???

 Lithonia, GA

I whole heartedly agreed with you. I happen to live in so called Stonecrest which I didn’t vote for.I hope people will pay attention .

 Downtown Decatur

That kind of thing has really worked out for Stonecrest

 East Lake Terrace

No it has not unless you are one of the criminal politicians!! Listen to the taxpayers of Stonecrest?????


No somebody is looking for a mayor’s job. Usually that’s when this happens. Higher taxes, poorer services and can lead to more harm than good. We do not have enough strong business resources so our taxes will be very high!

 East Lake Terrace

you are so right!! And I know for a fact, trust me, no viable businesses with real anything will come because they look at the median Income in the areas and if it’s (that dollar) is not there it is not profitable for them.

 Worthington Valley

B, you are correct about the corruption in DeKalb County. This has nothing to do with a proposed city of DeKalb. The city of Stonecrest had nothing to do with the businesses shutting down or the troubles with the Mall at Stonecrest. All of this started with the changes in retail. Even North Point Mall in Alpharetta wasn’t immune to this. Several of its stores started closing in the early 2000s and foreclosed before being bought recently.

 Waldrop Hills

If we see needed changes for economic development for this area of South Dekalb with city hood, I’m all for it. If this changes to City of DeKalb, does this mean or garbage service and water services will change? How’s that going to work? Will that mean monthly billing for these services? Honestly, I like my garbage being picked up by the county and not incurring a monthly bill, although it’s paid in the annual taxes. Even the water billing is bi-monthly, and I’m cool with that too. When I look at City of Atlanta water billing and all the issues they had (not saying Dekalb County is perfect) , we have it good over here with county services. Some things I would want to keep in place if the county services are to remain, but I would want to see the economic side of city hood to benefit this community.

 Lithonia, GA

Beware if Catherine Rice!

 East Lake Terrace

A stick with that! You are so right, so right!! She is definitely one that will be getting one of those big paying jobs for being one of the out front people. She has been wanting a job in the political arena for 10 years I know, started right downtown Decatur trying to get work or contracts. She didn’t know anything about how government was ran. She even ran for commissioner, lost horribly and was so mad she lost to the point it was pathetic how she took it.. I know because she told me how she felt. Very sore looser!! She didn’t campaign, raised no money, it was really sad!! Anyway Andrea, stick to your first thoughts as you have just mentioned!

 Midway Woods

Agree. I like her personally, but I don’t trust her. She’s been working with Republicans on this. Not one Democrat at the Georgia legislature supports this. All are Democrats. Not a single one! That alone should tell folks something. She’s run for office and lost twice for DeKalb County Commissioner. After the second time she started working on Greenhaven instead of starting a group to better DeKalb. Don’t underestimate her.

Greenhaven Lobbyist Brad Carver of Hall Smith Booth with Kathryn Rice at Georgia State Capitol
Republican Lobbyist Brad Carver of Hall Smith Booth with Kathryn Rice at Georgia State Capitol 2019

 East Lake Terrace

exactly 💯 what I have been saying on this entire post. A person can have all the book sense in the world but no common sense. Yes, Republicans are one of the major players thinking they are still in the background playing this game, how the think people don’t know is funny to me!!

 Gresham Park

Code enforcement, zoning and planning. I wonder what they’re up to? SSDD

Belvedere Park

Nahhhhhhhhhh, Fam….I’m good.

 East Atlanta Village

I heard people talking about this on another post several months ago. Please don’t vote for this.

Hidden Hills

I would suggest residents do their own research. I am on the fence. Kathy is a resident of Hidden Hills and she has done significant work in our community of 2000 homes. Our community was a voluntary HHCA and she spearheaded making it mandatory. Honestly, that effort plus volunteer labor is why we are thriving now. Additionally, she has an educational background with a degree, I believe from GA Tech, to drive the city hood effort. Most important, I have only seen her act with integrity. I understand the tax concerns and would hope we would be more like Sandy Springs and not Brookhaven or Stonecrest. When you do your individual research please get an understanding of county pension because, my understanding, some cities that formed were able to get out of that responsibility and leave the burden to unincorporated. I have not made up my mind yet but I do know the good old boys under the dome do not appear to give us the same opportunity to choose whether or not to become a city. There many layers to this conundrum so please do your research and to form an informed opinion and possibly a wise vote


A Bloomberg article — about Greenhaven, but it looks at many of the issues raised in htis thread about a new city.

 Toney Valley

Last time our community went through this process. It was disclosed that we would have no “new” or independent services. All services… police, water, sewer, fire would be paid for through the existing infrastructure. There is no slow tax in crease about it. We would have to pay additional “city” taxation to pay for everything we already have and are already taxed on… with no change to what we already “have”? It’s a land grab. Plus the person pushing the Buckead project is a developer from NY. He intends to put up high-rise low income apartments… aka crime. It will be “East Lake” pre 94 Olympics all over again? Fingers crossed somebody in buckhead is paying attention.


I left the city of Atlanta and purposefully moved to unincorporated DeKalb because property taxes were killing me. What concerns me is once this happens, there’s no turning back. The numbers and the feasibility studies are all geared towards showing the initial benefits, but it feels a bit like a slippery slope. Kind of like going to buy a small affordable, dependable vehicle and then ending up with the biggest land yacht with all the bells and whistles that you can’t really afford and having buyer’s remorse but you can’t really go back. Plus, I’m very suspicious that this is pretty much the same initiative of Greenhaven, just moderately repackaged with the same proponents. That definitely makes me uneasy.

 Clifton Springs

No! No! No! This is a terrible idea!!! We live in unincorporated Dekalb county and want it to STAY that way! Property taxes are high enough and seniors can’t afford to pay for all this NONSENSE!

 Kings Row

I’m new to DeKalb, but if we don’t want to incorporate, we need to get a vocal committee right now and start attending meetings.

 Lithonia, GA

I think it will raise taxes tremendously…yet it would be great to have a mayor and city council members who are currently invested in the area it covers and also live in the area it covers. I really think it’s odd for people running for offices not to be fully invested in the area they’re running in

 Park Place

Iesha My question would be, what tangible improvements can we expect with increased taxation?

Scottdale Overlay District

No thanks!!

 Stone Mountain, GA

No thanks!

Waldrop Hills

Dekalb city DC 😂😂

 East Lake Terrace

Kevin, thank you again for providing the proof regarding people working in the background that are not about us and the Republicans are just one negative group that is pushing this also for their self gain to diminish the strength of the black votes in Metro Atlanta in South Dekalb actually Georgia!!

 River Road

NO THANKS!! Just as our community voted against the annexation into Stonecrest years ago. Sad to say, it’s in the situation that assumed would have taken place. We need to focus on EDUCATION in Dekalb County Schools!!! Increasing test scores!!!!

East Lake Terrace

Ugh 😩 can’t believe it’s back again. Where were all these brave, interested, concerned people during the 20 + years South Dekalb was in the tank? No thanks, we’re good and will continue to grow better without their ‘help’. 👎 Is anyone aware of where this is in the legislative process so we can defeat this effort again?

Midway Park

Hate the persistence of these annoying grifters! Enough, already!

 Flat Shoals

Do not want no City in South Dekalb

 Cedar Ridge Trail

I think our efforts would be better served to just file a class action lawsuit against the County, asking a Judge to hold our Tax dollars in escrow until they get their ish together.

 Hidden Hills

I VOTE NO!!!!👎🏾👎🏾

 Stone Mountain, GA

I vote no too! What a horrible idea. We finally got rid of Greenhaven, and what do they do? Come up with something else covering our areas. What about NO are they refusing to digest?

 Harvest Dr/Kingsbrook Blvd

How can we vote against this?

Cherry Ridge

Ari Meier I used to think the same thing. I was with the group. Consulted with her almost daily. Her stubbornness and unwillingness to see things through the eyes of others rather than her own selfish politically motivated ambitions sabotaged the movement. You can’t promote economic development “if” we form a city and have not done one damn thing for economic development. It’s been 7 years!!!! She has not bought, developed, or started 1 viable business or economic development project. Why in the hell would we trust her or any one for that matter that has not brought development before. Anybody no just Dr. Rice that wants to for a city ultimately wants power, a government job, and the purse of the people money to misuse and abuse as they see fit. Look at all the recent examples. NO NO NO NO to city ever!!!! Unless the people have yielded results before hand.

 East Lake Terrace

Chris so true! I have witnessed the real ugly, very ugly side of her even pushing a senior lady determined to enter a private meeting for a group that was working against Greenhaven. It was horrible, she was asked to please leave and she wouldn’t. She kept trying to force herself in past the senior lady to the point several of us had to go outside and stand in the doorway but she was going to have her way!!!!!! It got so bad the organizers said let her in so we can get rid of her!! That was just one experience!! Note: understand. She was not physically pushing the senior lady but kept trying to get around her and wouldn’t stop. She can be very ugly when she doesn’t get her way!! Also chris, you are right regarding her wanting a job, I was able to witness that too at Dekalb County!! It’s made me wonder 🤔 the way she reacts to situation 🤔 she looses complete control like there are some other problems. I also saw that when she ran for county commissioner and lost. She never really campaigned, no money, no real endorsement or citizen’s support!! But when she lost she was irate to no end and told me personally and again it was ugly!! How she felt about Dekalb for not voting for her??? There is no way we should be supporting thus group or any other with this city hood stuff!!!!!!!!

 Chapel Mill

The lady spearheading this city of DeKalb is the same person behind Greenhaven. I went to several Greenhaven meetings before I had major back surgery in march 2021. The person who started the Greenhaven initiative was a lobbyist from South Georgia. This lady holding the meetings is being paid for pushing this proposal. We said No to Greenhaven. And now No to city of DeKalb. Please everyone get involved and speak up. Say No to City of DeKalb.

Clifton Springs

Please say NO to this STUPID idea!!! NO NO NO NO NO!!!!!

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  1. No..No..No..!

    Mrs. Rice and her supporters must be in serious denial about South DeKalb. What would the supposed City Of Green Haven have to offer it’s citizens? absolutely nothing.

    In 2008 during the recession, South DeKalb have lost a lot and have not gained one thing of value since then: no great schools,shopping,blight with panhandlers( as a matter of fact,South DeKalb Mall is being auctioned off) and I’m still waiting for the amphitheater that was supposed to be built in 2017.

    Mrs. Rice and get supporters keep bringing up the successes of created cities like Tucker, Milton South Fulton or John’s Creek but here is what she fail to accept: all of these place treated their cities as their babies to the point where they were already functioning as such.

    Secondly,these created cities already had all or part valuable incentives that made their cities attractive. Lastly,they had leaders that knew what they wanted. I’ve been through all of these cities and I get why people want to move to them.

    Imagine if a real estate agent show Mrs .Rice a home with all of the negatives mentioned about South DeKalb. I promise you that she would call 911 to get her from there as fast as she can .Where are the physical hopes for the people of South Dekalb?We’re still waiting for it.


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