Neighbors Against Greenhaven

Petition to Stop Greenhaven

Petition to Stop Greenhaven


I write to you today to in opposition to HB 644, a bill to provide for incorporation of Greenhaven within DeKalb County, Ga.

I live within the proposed boundaries of Greenhaven. I do not want to live in Greenhaven and no effort was made to determine if the members of my community wanted to live in Greenhaven before this bill was entered. I have grave concerns about the effect that this proposed city will have upon my community and would like to be excluded from its boundaries.

Greenhaven’s current feasibly study was developed in 2015 and has not been updated despite the fact that numerous areas within the proposed boundaries have annexed into neighboring cities to avoid becoming part of Greenhaven. Given the outdated and (as a result of annexations) inaccurate feasibility study, Greenhaven cannot currently prove that they are fiscally viable and thus have not met the basic requirements for moving forward in the cityhood process.

Fiscal viability is imperative for this proposed city in particular because it will, overnight, create the second largest city in Georgia, but will operate on only $414,000 in revenue for its estimated 294,000 population. Given the meager revenue, the proposed second largest city in Georgia will only provide three city services: parks, zoning, and code enforcement. The remaining service will be supplied from DeKalb County at a premium cost. Meaning that myself and all my neighbors will pay more for the same essential services that we currently enjoy from the county such as police, fire, water and sewer, sanitation collections, street maintenance and more.

Given Greenhaven’s meager revenue stream is unlikely that it will be able to accommodate even the most basic expenses.  The burden of this fiscal shortfall will be placed on myself and my neighbors in the form of increased taxes and fees to cover the same services that we are currently receiving.

For these reasons, and many others that I would be happy to discuss with you, I ask that you VOTE NO to HB 644.

Thank you,

The residents of unincorporated Dekalb County.


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