Neighbors Against Greenhaven

Survey on Greenhaven

A Survey was performed by Concerned Citizens Against Greenhaven and it was determined that 63% of those surveyed are against the City of Greenhaven. Only 10% wanted Greenhaven. The remaining wanted to be annexed into a nearby city.

Survey Results on Greenhaven CityhoodSurvey Results

Here are some responses from the participates on why they do not want to be included in Greenhaven and ask the Rep. Billy Mitchell remove them from the map. It has been determined, however, that Dr. Kathyrn Rice, has leveraged the entire area so that no one can be removed.
Second choice is to be annexed by the City of Atlanta. ANY OTHER OPTION WILL TANK MY PROPERTY VALUES AND I WILL SEE AN ATTORNEY. (2)
It is my wish that the unincorporated area known as Scottdale, GA remain exactly that.
No new cities. Create NPUs for unincorporated areas.
Or annexed to Atlanta
I’m filling this out because I am buying a property in unincorporated Dekalb. My partner and I are from Atlanta and we’ve been following Dekalb Strong’s coverage of community meetings, etc., and we believe that annexation will be inevitable for many ITP areas. In that case, we’d vote in support of annexation to Atlanta. We’ll be in the McNair school cluster and notice that conversations about school quality seem to always only focus on clusters in the northern part of the county. We both went to APS schools and know the struggle and plan to volunteer to whatever the schools will allow for residents without kids, and we plan on keeping our kids in public school. Making a new city will place a strain on property taxes as would better resourcing schools as would being annexed into a pre-existing city. The pressure East Atlanta Village will place residentially on a neighborhood like Gresham Park is one where Gresham Park residents should be served and educated equally. The line is too thin to ignore and disparity in achievement too glaring.
I am opposed to city hood for South Dekalb.
I am open to being annexed to either COA, City of Decatur or Avondale Estates, but I would not be excited about any of those options at this time. I do not believe cityhood is the “cure” for what ails my community. Greenhaven is ridiculous in the scope and projected economic development.
I am a resident of Dial Heights. I do not wish to have my neighborhood annexed to ANY city or to become part of Greenhaven. I chose to live in unincorporated DeKalb and want to keep that same situation and set of circumstances I deliberately CHOSE 34 years ago.
I do not favor any connection to the proposed city of Greenhaven. Our area is best served by remaining unincorporated and should not be used as a source of a higher tax base to support the proposed city.
I do not want to be part of this Greenhaven
I absolutely DO NOT WANT to be part of the city of Greenhaven
Be Annexed into the nearest city based on distance from boundary
How will cityhood change quality of life, quality of neighborhoods?
The name “Greenhaven” sucks! This ain’t Leave to Beaver. Vote for new name
Undecided, do not have enough information to make an informed decision
I am STRONGLY opposed to Greenhaven.
No more taxes, assessments, fees. Please. That is all we are going to get. Just ask people in ” Stonecrest”. Maybe that is why Sam’s, Sears etc closed/closing. Let’s just make what we have better. You want a better neighborhood – make it better. Changing the name won’t change a thing.
Be annexed to Decatur or Avondale
WE DO NOT WANT TO BE PART OF ANY CITY – we like unincorporated DeKalb County
If I cannot be unincorporated, I would like to be annexed by Clarkston. IT is right next to me.
Keep Gresham Park/Meadowview(30316) out of Greenhaven! I would rather stay Unicoporated or go to Atlanta. Greenhaven will kill my property value without any benefits to my neighborhood/community based on the proposed plan. Leave Gresham Park/Meadowview(30316) out of Greenhaven. Neighbors have been voting NO since inception.
DeKalb County does not need another layer of government, which would result in higher taxes, less services. I would never support the proposed city of Greenhaven. It will be a nightmare to the residents of DeKalb . .

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