No Greenhaven

Just Say No to the “Wizard of Oz” City of Greenhaven
Citizens Against Cityhood in DeKalb
Ed Williams. Chair
Concerned Citizens For Effective Government
Citizens Against Cityhood in DeKalb
(678) 304-7736
● 90% of all the development in DeKalb occurred without being in a city. Dunwoody,
and Brookhaven already had economic development and growth before they became
● None of the major 500 companies in the metro area have major offices or plants
located in our communities.
● Better government, not more government. Duplication of the problem will not solve
anything but make our situation worse. We have to begin to participate and replace
ineffective leaders if we expect better.
● Residents should know the facts and truth before they vote; and that the cityhood
process should be more inclusive in the front end of the process with petitions and
community input as to whether certain communities want to be part of the city or not.
● DeKalb County has 13 cities. Most residents in Gwinnett, Cobb, DeKalb, Clayton,
Henry, Rockdale, and Douglas County live in unincorporated areas.
● The majority of the land used in South DeKalb is single family residential. South
DeKalb has the lowest median home value than most of the other cities in DeKalb
● 95% of the land parcels in South DeKalb (Greenhaven) is residential, and 3%
Commercial and Industrial.
● In South DeKalb, 78% of the tax revenue is residential, and 22% are from commercial
and industrial properties in terms of property tax yield
● The feasibility reports that were conducted did not consider the impact of cities on
DeKalb County or other cities. Greenhaven only used 3 services in order to pass
● 83% of revenue is from franchise fees (Utility and Cable) bills and the other is from
property taxes, licenses, and fines.
Just Say No to the “Wizard of Oz” City of Greenhaven
Citizens Against Cityhood in DeKalb
Ed Williams. Chair
Concerned Citizens For Effective Government
Citizens Against Cityhood in DeKalb
(678) 304-7736

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● Many of the new cities want to lay the groundwork to create separate school districts
see HR4 in 2016. This would lead to the breakup of the DeKalb School System. This
would be extremely bad for Central and South DeKalb.
● The proposed Community Area Planning Units in Greenhaven will only make
recommendations and will not have any real authority.
● Unincorporated DeKalb will not be the only one left paying for the County pension.
The proponents of cityhood simply do not understand how the pension is funded. The
pension is funded through property taxes and everyone in the County pays property
● A new city will not require a referendum to add additional services based on the GA
Constitution. You are being tricked into passing the referendum and you will be surprised
afterwards about the real deal. Article 9 of the Georgia Constitution spells out the
powers of counties and municipalities.
● House Bill HB477 passed into law in 2016 require cities to maintain roads and etc.
● The Greenhaven city charter gives the Mayor sole control over economic development
and beyond the control of the city council. This is a recipe for cronyism and corruption.
● The proponents of cityhood should provide us examples in terms of the types of
businesses, schools, beautification, traffic, crime that they have made better in South
DeKalb and then and only then should we believe anything they are trying to tell us.
● In DeKalb, only 37% of the residents currently live in incorporated municipalities, the
other 63% do not. DeKalb should add more commissioners to represent the growth in
DeKalb population and more commissioners are needed to provide greater
representation. The city of Atlanta which has a population 450,000 and it has 12 council
districts, council president and 3 at large council seats.

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N.A.G. Neighbors Against Greenhaven

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