House Bill 644 Greenhaven

Neighbors Against Greenhaven Gresham Hills Meeting
Neighbors Against Greenhaven

House Bill 644 Greenhaven

Below is a copy of House Bill 644 which will be voted to table or set for a vote for 2018.

Here is a link to a copy of the bill

By: Representative Billy Mitchell of the 88th
1 To provide for the incorporation of the City of Greenhaven in DeKalb County, Georgia; to
2 provide for the name and corporate boundaries; to provide for municipal powers; to provide
3 for city council and its members, manner of election, terms of office, manner of filling
4 vacancies, conflicts of interest, duties and authority, compensation, officers, and procedures;
5 to provide for the powers and duties of the mayor, to provide for a chief operating officer;
6 to provide for community area planning units; to provide for administrative and service
7 departments; to provide for a city attorney, chief financial officer, and city clerk; to provide
8 for boards and authorities; to provide for the regulation of employees; to provide for a
9 municipal court and the operation thereof; to provide for elections and removal; to provide
10 for taxation, franchises, service charges, bonds, and other fiscal matters; to provide for
11 budgeting and audits; to provide for purchasing and contracting; to provide for economic
12 development; to provide for bonds; to provide for related matters; to provide an effective 13 date; to repeal conflicting laws; and for other purposes…

To Read the remainder of House Bill 644, better known as HB644, Greenhaven, click on the link below.


To join in the conversation against Greenhaven go to Neighbors Against Greenhaven Facebook Page

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