Neighbors Against Greenhaven

Upcoming Meetings

Tuesday, Feb 26th, 2019

Rehoboth Baptist Church
2997 Lawrenceville Hwy
Tucker, GA 30084
7 p.m. to 9 p.m.

Neighbors Against Greenhaven, DeKalb Strong, and Concerned Citizens in Opposition to Greenhaven are teaming up for a joint meeting for the citizens opposed to creating a new city.

We will be discussing the reasons for opposing the creation of additional layers of government as well as strategies going forward. We are hoping to send a strong message to legislators and lobbyists that this community is OPPOSED to the haphazard segmentation of our community.
Contact your legislator

No state legislator has yet agreed to sponsor either Greenhaven or Vista Grove, but the lobbyists are putting pressure on them Legislators need to hear from citizens that they are opposed.

Please contact your legislator and tell them you do NOT wish to be put into one of these cities.

When contacting your own state representative and senator, ALWAYS include your address so they know if you are a constituent and how you are affected by these proposals. If you do not know, you can look up your legislators on the  Secretary of State’s page. While it is ok to contact the whole delegation, it is most effective when you contact your OWN representative.


House of Representatives: (Mary Margaret Oliver)

Governmental Affairs Committee


The goal of Neighbors Against Greenhaven (NAG) is to bring together people from across the South DeKalb region to oppose the proposed city of Greenhaven, a city many in our communities have never heard of, much less given input on.