Greenhaven rising from the dead

It may not be over, folks.
I’ve been advised by legislators in the know that Greenhaven may be trying to get HB644 attached to another bill as we feared. It is of UTMOST URGENCY that every single person on this page

email House Speaker David Ralston

Let him know that this bill moving out from Governmental Affairs was a slap in the face of democracy. Rep. Billy Mitchell, sponsor of the bill, had asked for it to be removed (not called up). Rep. Ed Rynders, on his own accord, called it up. Why? Rynders is from Albany. This doesn’t affect his constituents. Either the highly paid Greenhaven lobbyist called in a personal/ Republican party favor, or Rynders stands to benefit from this ($$$). No Representatives on the Governmental Affairs Committee could recall an instance when a bill was called up (let alone moved through committee) when the SPONSOR WAS NOT PRESENT. How could members of the committee be permitted to ask questions pertinent to their vote without the sponsor present? It was an egregious act that we can not allow to be condoned. Also, there was no updated map presented to the committee. How could those members who voted to move it through do so in good conscious without seeing a map?!? I’m not talking about Vernon Jones’s crazy expansion proposal. There is talk of it snatching an area near N. Druid Hills for a higher tax base. There is so much dirty politics with this!!!!

Now I’m going to fuss at you- if you do not take the time to write Speaker Ralston an email about the highly egregious nature of HB 644 moving out of committee- you are HELPING Greenhaven move forward. You will be complicit in any gains they make. The Greenhaven folks are writing emails PRAISING that dirt bag Rynders. They are taking action. Will you? There are nearly 1,000 of us on this page. Get on it!!!!

Greenhaven Follow The Money Trail

Greenhaven Lobbyist paid for by CH2MHill?

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Why N.A.G. Opposes Greenhaven

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